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Child Maintenance Solicitors In Leeds

Do you need legal advice relating to child maintenance? A common issue separated parents face is how to deal with child maintenance. In some circumstances, parents may have reached an agreement to have shared care of the children, and neither has to pay maintenance to the other. However, when one parent is the primary caregiver, there is often an expectation that the non-resident parent will pay child maintenance to financially support the children. 

Family Based Arrangements

A family-based arrangement is when parents agree to a child maintenance agreement between themselves. They will agree on the amount of maintenance paid and when the payments will be made. If you need help calculating the amount of child maintenance contact our special Solicitors.

Family Mediation

Family Mediation can be used by parents to discuss and agree upon the delicate issue of child maintenance. A mediator can help facilitate these conversations with a view to reaching an agreement. 

Child Maintenance Service 

When parents may not be able to come to an agreement between themselves they can use a Child Maintenance Service. The application has a fee and once submitted the service will calculate the appropriate level of maintenance. The payments can then be made directly between the parents or the paying parent can pay the money to the Child Maintenance Service who will then pass along the money to the receiving parent. It is important to be aware that there are additional fees for using this method.

Court Proceedings 

In certain circumstances the issue of child maintenance can be dealt with through court proceedings for example if you are already going through a divorce, child maintenance can be dealt with as part of those proceedings. It is important to note, that any provision for child maintenance within a Court order is valid for only 12 months after the order is made. After the 12 months, either parent can apply to the CMS if they are unhappy with the provision within the order.

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