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Are you looking for a solicitor to help with a commercial litigation matter? Disputes and conflicts will arise, it's part of business life, and when they do, you may need to enlist specialist commercial litigation Solicitor to help you to resolve them. At Whiterose Blackmans, we strive to ensure that our client’s commercial and business interests are looked after. We understand business in whichever industry can be a minefield to navigate when involving legal issues. It’s why we offer wide range of bespoke business/commercial legal advice and representation to various businesses across England and Wales.

We work closely with businesses in relation to bringing, or defending, Court proceedings; avoiding the need where possible to go to Court by using Alternative Dispute Resolution whether this is achieved by Mediation, Arbitration or by way of general negotiation. Our approach to protecting or defending your business interests is tailored to suit your ethos. Whether you aim for legal representation to be pragmatic or robust, we tailor our approach in providing a service suitable to your aims. Our specialist commercial litigation solicitors have a wealth of experience in dealing with various commercial disputes at all levels of complexity and value in both the County Court and High Court.

Our Solicitors are here to help with the following types of commercial litigation disputes:

  • Trademark, copyright and patent claims;
  • Contractual Disputes
  • Debt Recovery & Insolvency
  • Insurance Disputes
  • Breach of Contract
  • Commercial Property Disputes
  • Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Professional Negligence Claims
  • Protection of confidential information
  • Business Partnership Disputes
  • Covid related business disputes such as breach of contract and failure to pay
  • Information Technology Disputes
  • Sale of Goods and International Trade Disputes.

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We offer a free initial consultation in all areas of law. Contact us if you would like to speak to one of our expert Commercial Litigation solicitors, your enquiries will be dealt with in strict confidence and without obligation.

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