This guidance is given in accordance with the current conditions and in line with the advice received from CAFCASS. It is important that all affected individuals take legal advice from a Family Law Solicitor before deciding what to do next.


Advice for families on effective co-parenting and child arrangements

The government have clarified that where parents do not live in the same household, children under 18 can be moved between their parents’ homes.

However, if your child has contracted the COVID-19 virus or they are displaying any of the symptoms listed on the Government health advice pages they should be self-isolating and should not be transferring between households.


Are Child Contact Centres affected by COVID-19 and what does this mean?

Many Child Contact Centres have been able to take steps to stay open and to continue offering their services. However, the centres must consider the safety of the children and their families and therefore some have been forced to close.

Members of the public should contact their local contact centre to find out what services are still available.


Will my court hearing still take place?

Court Hearings will be moving to remote hearings with immediate effect. You or your solicitor will receive information on what this means for any upcoming hearing you have. If you have a case with Cafcass, your Family Court Adviser will also explain to you what is going to happen when they know.

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